AS and A2 Chemistry notes and resources (WJEC specification) - UNIT CH5 Physical and inorganic chemistry

This unit develops ideas of redox, kinetics, energy changes and equilibria. The inorganic chemistry of some elements in various sections of the Periodic Table is studied.

16.4 - Group 7 (17)

Candidates should be able to:

(o) explain the trends in oxidising power of the halogens and displacement reactions in terms of position in the group and Eo values;

(p) recall the reactions of chlorine, Cl2, with both cold and warm aqueous NaOH and the various disproportionation reactions involved; ¢Ó

(q) show a knowledge of the relationship of the bleaching and bacterial action of Cl2 and chlorate(I) (ClO.) to their oxidising power and the use of chlorate(V) as a weed killer;

(r) recall the behaviour of sodium halides (NaCl, NaBr and NaI only) with concentrated sulfuric acid (the formation and subsequent reactions of HX, the products and their oxidation states) and explain the differences in terms of Eo values; (Equations not required)

(s) show an awareness of the very wide range of halogen containing compounds of commercial and industrial importance.