AS and A2 Chemistry notes and resources (WJEC specification) - UNIT CH5 Physical and inorganic chemistry

This unit develops ideas of redox, kinetics, energy changes and equilibria. The inorganic chemistry of some elements in various sections of the Periodic Table is studied.

15.2 - Redox reactions

Candidates should be able to:

(h) describe the use of Cr2O7 2. as an oxidising agent, including

(i) the appropriate ion/electron half equation for the Cr2O7 2.¡æ Cr3+ conversion

(ii) its reaction with Fe2+ to produce Fe3+ and (iii) the interconversion reaction Cr2O7 2.  CrO4 2. and recall the colours of all the above listed species; ¢Ó

(i) describe the redox reaction between acidified MnO4 . and Fe2+ ; ¢Ó

(j) describe the redox reaction between Cu2+ and I . and the determination of the liberated iodine with S2O3 2. ; ¢Ó

(k) carry out titration calculations for all reactions specified in 15.2 and for other redox reactions where all necessary data is supplied.