AS and A2 Chemistry notes and resources (WJEC specification) - UNIT CH5 Physical and inorganic chemistry

This unit develops ideas of redox, kinetics, energy changes and equilibria. The inorganic chemistry of some elements in various sections of the Periodic Table is studied.

15.1 - Redox and standard electrode potential

Candidates should be able to:

(a) describe redox in terms of electron transfer, use oxidation states (numbers) to identify redox reactions and decide which species have been oxidised and which reduced;

(b) write ion-electron half equations for redox reactions for which stoichiometric information is supplied, and use titration and other data to carry out appropriate calculations;

(c) show awareness that electrode processes represent oxidations and reductions;

(d) recall and use the redox systems specified below, including the appropriate colour change and ion/electron half-equations Cu2+(aq)|Cu(s); Zn2+(aq)|Zn(s); H+(aq)|H2(g) Pt; Fe3+(aq), Fe2+(aq)|Pt; MnO4 . (aq), Mn2+(aq)|Pt; X2(g)|2X. (aq) (X = Cl . , Br . , I . );

(e) use redox systems in addition to those in (d), for which all relevant information is supplied;

(f) describe simple electrochemical cells involving;

(g) explain and use the term standard electrode potential especially