AS and A2 Chemistry notes and resources (WJEC specification) - UNIT CH4 Spectroscopy and Organic Chemistry (Analysing and building molecules)

This unit builds on the foundation ideas of spectroscopy and basic organic chemistry introduced at AS level and goes on to explore these concepts in more detail. It also explores the use of these topics in structure elucidation, in synthesis and in industrial and environmental applications.

11.1 - Alcohols and phenol

Candidates should be able to:

(a) describe the methods of forming primary and secondary alcohols from halogenoalkanes and carbonyl compounds *;

(b) recall:

(c) describe the oxidation reactions of primary and secondary alcohols;

(d) show an awareness of the use of ethanol as a biofuel;

(e) explain the acidity of phenol and describe its reactions with bromine and with ethanoyl chloride;

(f) recall the colour reaction of some phenols with FeCl3 solution and the use of this test to distinguish phenols from alcohols.