UNIT CH1 - Controlling and Using Chemical Changes

Controlling and Using Chemical Changes (in order to make things, produce energy and solve environmental problems)

This unit begins with some important fundamental ideas about atoms and the use of the mole concept in calculations. Three key principles governing chemical change are then studied, viz., the position of equilibrium between reactants and products, the energy changes associated with a chemical reaction and the rate at which reactions take place. These principles are then applied to some important problems in the fields of chemical synthesis, obtaining energy and the maintenance of the environment.

TOPIC 3 Application of the principles studied in unit 1 to problems encountered in the production of chemicals and of energy.

When supplied with relevant data, candidates should be able to:

(a) apply principles from Topics 1 and 2 to a wide range of processes;

(b) evaluate the social, economic and environmental impact of chemical synthesis and the production of energy;

(c) appreciate the role of Green Chemistry in helping to achieve sustainability.