F332 - Module 3(PR) Polymer Revolution

Organic reactions

Describe and explain the technique of heating under reflux for reactions involving volatile liquids;

Explain and use the term elimination reaction;

Explain and use the term addition polymerisation and predict the structural formula of the addition polymer formed from given monomer(s), and vice versa;

Recall the addition reactions of alkenes with the following: bromine to give a dibromo compound (and the use of this as a test for unsaturation), hydrogen bromide to give a bromo compound, hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst to give an alkane (Ni with heat and pressure or Pt at room temperature and pressure), water in the presence of a catalyst to give an alcohol (conc. H2SO4, then add water or steam/H3PO4/ heat and pressure);

Describe and explain the following properties of alcohols: