F332 - Module 2(A) The Atmosphere

Modern analytical techniques

Recall the way ozone is formed and destroyed in the stratosphere;

Recall the effects of ozone in the atmosphere, including:

Recall and discuss aspects of the research leading to the discovery of the ‘hole’ in the ozone layer and how the evidence was at first overlooked;

Recall the following regions of the electromagnetic spectrum in order of increasing frequency: infrared, visible (red–blue), ultraviolet;

Recall, in terms of these, the principal radiations of the Earth and the Sun;

Recall that:

Vibrational and electronic energies of molecules are quantised;

Calculate values for frequency and energy of electromagnetic radiation using the equation ÄE = hí;

(v) explain the ‘greenhouse effect’ in terms of:

Discuss the evidence for the relationship between the increased concentration of gases and global warming;

Recall and discuss different approaches to the control of carbon dioxide emissions: burning fewer fossil fuels (alternative fuels and economy of use), increasing photosynthesis, burying or reacting carbon dioxide.