F331 - Chemistry for life - Module 1 - (EL) Elements of Life - The Periodic Table and Group 2 chemistry


Inorganic chemistry and the Periodic Table

(p) recall that the Periodic Table lists elements in order of atomic (proton) number and groups elements together according to their common properties; use given information to describe trends in a group of the Periodic Table and to make predictions concerning the properties of an element in this group

describe periodic trends in the properties of elements, in terms of melting point and boiling point

(q) recall that the position of an element in the Periodic Table is related to its electron structure (main energy levels or electron shells) and vice versa

(r) describe and compare the following properties of the elements and compounds of Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba in Group 2: reactions of the elements with water, acid–base character of the oxides and hydroxides, thermal stability of the carbonates, solubilities of hydroxides and carbonates

(s) understand how Mendeleev developed the Periodic Table by leaving gaps and rearranging some elements from their atomic mass order and how subsequent research validated this knowledge; given relevant information, discuss other examples of how scientific research can be used to assess the validity of a discovery