5.2 - Module 2: Energy


This module extends the study of energy encountered within unit F322: Chains, Energy and Resources.

This module provides candidates with a deeper knowledge and understanding of chemical energy and also considers ways in which scientists are working to provide cleaner and more efficient energy.

Practical Skills are assessed using OCR set tasks.

  • * Measuring enthalpy changes of solution.
  • * Measuring an enthalpy change of neutralisation by a thermometric titration.
  • * Redox reactions (test-tube scale): metal displacements; reactions involving colour changes.
  • * Constructing electrochemical cells and measuring electrode potentials.
  • * Making a fuel cell.

5.2.1 - Lattice Enthalpy

5.2.2 - Enthalpy and Entropy

5.2.3 - Electrode Potentials and Fuel Cells

Links AS Unit F321: Atoms, Bonds and Groups

AS Unit F322: Chains, Energy and Resources