Module 2: Alcohols, Halogenoalkanes and Analysis


This module extends the knowledge base in organic chemistry by study of two further functional groups:

2.2.1 Alcohols

* properties of alcohols and the preparation of ethanol;

* reactions, including oxidation, esterification and elimination.

2.2.2 Halogenoalkanes

* substitution reactions and uses.

2.2.3 Modern Analytical Techniques

* infrared spectroscopy;

* mass spectrometry.

This analytical work is developed further in Advanced GCE Chemistry. Links AS Unit F321: Atoms, Bonds and Groups

* 1.2.2 Bonding and Structure (intermolecular forces)

2.2.1 - Alcohols

2.2.2 - Halogenoalkanes

2.2.3 - Modern Analytical Techniques