Module 2: Electrons, Bonding and Structure

In addition to the aims of the scheme, this module provides candidates with a knowledge and understanding of chemical ideas that underpin the study of inorganic chemistry:

1.2.1 Electron Structure

* ionisation energies;
* energy levels, shells, sub-shells, orbitals and electron configuration.

1.2.2 Bonding and Structure

* ionic bonding;
* covalent bonding;
* the shapes of simple molecules and ions;
* electronegativity and polarity;
* intermolecular forces.

Practical Skills are assessed using OCR set tasks.

The practical work suggested below may be carried out as part of skill development. Centres are not required to carry out all of these experiments:

* Bonding, structure and physical properties of substances (polarity, electrical conductivity, boiling points, solubility in polar and non-polar solvents).


Contents of Module 2