F321 - Module 1


Module 1: Atoms and Reactions

This module provides candidates with a knowledge and understanding of atomic structure and the chemical ideas that underpin the study of quantitative chemistry:

Practical Skills are assessed using OCR set tasks.

The practical work suggested below may be carried out as part of skill development. Centres are not required to carry out all of these experiments:

* Making up a standard solution.
* NaOH or Na2CO3/HCl titration.
* NaOH/H2SO4 to illustrate difference in stoichiometry.
* Titration involving a dilution of citric acid in lime juice cordial.
* Determination of the percentage of water of crystallisation in a hydrated salt.
* Determination of the relative atomic mass of an unknown metal by gas collection.
* Determination of the concentration of lime water.
* Determination of the relative formula mass of washing soda by titration.
* Reactions of the bases, alkalis and carbonates with acids.
* Preparation of salts from an acid and a base, eg copper(II) sulfate, ammonium sulfate.
* Reactions of metals with acids.

1.1.1 Atoms

* atomic structure;
* relative masses.

1.1.2 Moles and Equations

* the mole;
* reacting masses and equations.

1.1.3 Acids

* acids and bases;
* salts.

1.1.4 Redox

* oxidation number;
* redox reactions.