10. Organic chemistry - 10.3 Halogen derivatives


I Halogenoalkanes and halogenoarenes

II Relative strength of the C-Hal bond

Learning outcomes

Candidates should be able to:

(a) recall the chemistry of halogenoalkanes as exemplified by

(b) *describe the mechanism of nucleophilic substitution (by both SN1 and SN2 mechanisms) in halogenoalkanes

(c) interpret the different reactivities of halogenoalkanes e.g. CFCs, anaesthetics, flame retardants, plastics and chlorobenzene (with particular reference to hydrolysis and to the relative strengths of the C-Hal bonds)

(d) explain the uses of fluoroalkanes and fluorohalogenoalkanes in terms of their relative chemical inertness

(e) recognise the concern about the effect of chlorofluoroalkanes on the ozone layer