9. Inorganic chemistry - 9.2 Group II


I Similarities and trends in the properties of the Group II metals magnesium to barium and their compounds

II Some uses of Group II compounds

Learning outcomes

Candidates should be able to:

(a) describe the reactions of the elements with oxygen and water

(b) describe the behaviour of the oxides with water

(c) describe the thermal decomposition of the nitrates and carbonates

(d) interpret, and make predictions from, the trends in physical and chemical properties of the elements and their compounds

(e) explain the use of magnesium oxide as a refractory lining material and calcium carbonate as a building material

(f) describe the use of lime in agriculture

(g) interpret and explain qualitatively the trend in the thermal stability of the nitrates and carbonates in terms of the charge density of the cation and the polarisability of the large anion

(h) interpret and explain qualitatively the variation in solubility of the sulfates in terms of relative magnitudes of the enthalpy change of hydration and the corresponding lattice energy