3.4 Unit 4 CHEM4 Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry

Introduction: This unit develops the concepts of physical chemistry introduced at AS. Kinetics and equilibria are both treated quantitatively. Acids, bases and buffer solutions and the changes in pH during titrations are considered.

The study of organic chemistry is extended to include compounds containing the carbonyl group, aromatic compounds, amines, amino acids and polymers. The final section examines the way in which spectroscopic techniques are used to determine the molecular formulae and structures of organic compounds. The emphasis is on problem solving rather than on spectroscopic theory.

3.4.1 Kinetics

3.4.2 Equilibria

3.4.3 Acids and Bases

3.4.4 Nomenclature and Isomerism in Organic Chemistry

3.4.5 Compounds Containing the Carbonyl Group

3.4.6 Aromatic Chemistry

3.4.7 Amines

3.4.8 Amino Acids

3.4.9 Polymers

3.4.10 Organic Synthesis and Analysis

3.4.11 Structure Determination