3.20 Unit 2 CHEM2 Chemistry in Action

Introduction: This unit introduces more of the principles that underpin chemistry and looks at the applications of these principles and those that have been developed in Unit 1. Wherever possible, candidates should carry out experimental work to illustrate the theoretical principles included in this unit. A knowledge of the Chemistry in Unit 1 is assumed in this unit.

3.2.1 Energetics

3.2.2 Kinetics

3.2.3 Equilibria

3.2.4 Redox Reactions

3.2.5 Group 7(17), the Halogens

3.2.6 Group 2, the Alkaline Earth Metals

3.2.7 Extraction of Metals

3.2.8 Haloalkanes

3.2.9 Alkenes

3.2.10 Alcohols

3.2.11 Analytical Techniques